Monday, February 9, 2015

Akar Lima : Homestay and Cafe

Had lunch today at Akar Lima.

Five words.

#Traditional #Awesome #KampungStyle #GoodFood #Homestay

Actually, i had more words i can describe though!

It was awesome.

Goodfood it was. Aduh, time tengah mengarang ni la, puasa pulak. Demmmm!

Akar Lima, cafe and stay. Homestay dia sangat best, harga pun murah, as low as $26 (USD)/night. Kalau convert mau ada dalam RM 80++. Sapa-sapa yang rasa nak experience kampung stay with western food, u shud come here. Seriously. Come here!!!

Masa pi lunch(kali pertama) haritu, aku makan lamb chop with mashed potatoes with Ulam Raja dressing salads. Drinks : Banana Choc (sedapp weyy)...ceq terlioqqq dah ni. Side dishes : Choc Bread Pudding (yang ni pon sedap weyyy). Tapi cakes dia depends on their menu on that day. They have diff diff types of menu. Depends, kalau ada ada la. Kalau takdak, u have other choices too. :)

Instagram @akarlima

the foods!! snap by me, love it! love it!


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