Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Family Outing : Thailand 2013 Day 1

Thailand? yeah..part of.. Hat Yai and Songkhla visiting day.

It was damn awesome man!

3 days and 2 nights. Feb 201, DuhH!

Move from penang at 5:30 am in the morning and reach there...ouh wait.. my watch shows 11 am.. ok. But at the stop we were dropped by its 10am in the morning. Thailand, u are late one hour. Damn, shops are still closed. CNY eve's today. Firecrackers all over the place. Kebaboom, kebaboom... oi terkejut omak.

Done. Awesome. Interesting. Different. Authentic. Delicious.

Make sure stay kat hotel kat area town, u have  alot of choices you know. But, we are on CNY holidays, hotels are full. Make booking first before you go.

Check in hotel. Done!

First place to go: Find food!! Lapar oi! my watch shows 12 pm, but then in Thailand 11am, So the shops are not fully opened yet. YET!

Ouh, find one. Tomyam. cant remember whats the kedai name. Delicious. Yummy-licious. Yummehhhh!!!!

Tomyam+Daging masak merah+kerabu kaki ayam+kerabu mangga+telur bungkus = awesome!!!!

Next : SHopping!!!! Walk around town, pasar pagi. A lot of handbagsssss. of course is a Thailand handbags. You know Thailand handbags, Thailand handbags..... byk tiruan dowh. Tapi tetap cantik di mana ku. Me bought one, my sister bought one. My dad bought a tshirt.

Night : SHopping, night markett. A lot of stuff. X ingat la nama2 dia...sbb i just follow where my uncle goes. he knows more than us! we bought nothing, Nothing? mum beli underwears+lotsa ehem2..ehem22

Food : Pulut durian +pulut pelam+seafood== semua kedai tepi jalan. in front of lee garden shopping complex. Pulut durian by wanita berpurdah.sedap sgt sgt sangat SANGAT SANGAT.

theree byk kedai tepi jalan yg halal. we drink sup sarang burung--laici kang, kerang berbalot telur, kind of cucur kerang kot. tapi sedapp. dekat depan lee garden jugak.. udang diorg besar2 weh

k la. nak sambung kerja. kbai. jumpa lagi

Monday, February 4, 2013

4 Februari 2013

Hari ni first day kerja. Nothing much. Just orientation day today. Intro to the company. Ouh.wait! I am working now?? Macam tak percaya ja.